The AK Pumps

If you have a shallow well where the static water is less than 40 ft, we can provide the best shallow well pump on the market. Our AK pump comes in 9 different models (9 different depths) but all share our unique pump design which takes reliability to the insane levels. Our O-rings will never fail because we do not have any!

The unique geometry of our pistons harnesses a property of water to create it’s own seal; the water sealed piston.  That’s right, the water seals the piston and creates a working pump that will outlast your well. If the piston is wet, it WILL pump water.  Water security now rides on an immutable property of water, not a 50 cent rubber O-ring.  No one else offers such a pump.

Efficiency and reliability are competing goals in engineering a hand pump.  We manufacture emergency pumps, so we chose reliability as the most important feature.  The water doesn’t care that the pump is only 90% efficient and neither should the home owner, it delivers up to 4-6 gpm (depending on depth and rate of pumping).  This water sealed piston results in a pump that is ridiculously reliable and very easy to manufacture (no close tolerances).  A super reliable pump at a reasonable price point, the perfect combination of features for a Hand Operated Emergency Well Pump, and a “no brainer” for folks with shallow wells.

Every wetted part of the pump is either Stainless Steel or PVC, so it is completely rust proof and will last for decades. Most people can install it in less than 60 minutes and the kit includes everything you need.  A Tee handle is standard for these pumps since the pumping effort for shallow wells is low.  The optional pump lever can be easily added later if pumping effort is an issue (figure on .9 lbs of effort per foot of lift).

Pick a pump model that will be 10 ft deeper than your static water level.  The numbers of our models represent how deep the pumps will go and the only difference is how many 5ft Stainless Steel pump rods and 5ft drop pipe sections are included (one of each for every 5ft of depth). So, if your static water level is 25 ft, choose an AK 35 (7 rods & 7 pipes) since it will reach down 35 ft.

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working on a bridge where nothing can be faked.

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