The AR Pumps

The AR pump is ideal for wells that have a static water level of 40-100ft.  Mathematics require that volume is traded for height in the hand pump game.  The AR pump is the hybrid of our deep SJ cable pump that has a small Teflon cup sealed piston and our shallow AK pump which is driven by pump rods.  One can expect 3-4 gpm with the AR pump depending on how fast you pump. A kitchen sink is typically 2.2 gpm for comparison.


During product development, we looked at what is needed to make a pump that relies on a 50 cent O-ring, an expensive honed and polished cylinder and a precision machined piston.  Requiring very expensive mating parts so you can use a cheap O-ring that is going to fail in as little as 5 years made no sense to us.  So, we machined a piston and its seal out of a single piece of pure Teflon to match a specific high grade clear PVC pump cylinder.  We end up with a high performance piston that does not require super expensive mating parts.  In a nutshell, a pump that basically lasts forever and priced hundreds of dollars less than expected.  The people agree and AR pumps are flying off the shelf.  I think we nailed it by rethinking things, but you be the judge. 


AR pumps are made out of clear PVC to facilitate rigorous testing.  Every finished AR pump is tested under 100ft of simulated head pressure.  All pumps that pass muster are cleaned and dried prior to shipping.


Every wetted part of the AR pump is either Stainless Steel, PVC or Teflon.  These are high performance modern materials that make the AR pump completely rust proof and make an emergency pump that will outlast the life of your well.  Most people can install it in less than 60 minutes and all models include everything you need for a working pump.  A Tee handle is standard for these pumps since the pumping effort of the smaller piston is low.  The optional pump lever can be easily added and should be considered.


Pick a pump model that will be 10 ft deeper than your static water level.  The numbers of our models represent how deep the pumps will go and the only difference is how many 5ft extensions are added to our base kit.  Each extension kit consists of a 5ft stainless steel pump rod and a 5ft white drop pipe.


Every model includes our AR13 base kit.  It includes a 3ft long pump and both the blue uppermost drop pipe and a white extension drop pipe (plus 2 pump rods) thus it reaches down 13ft.  It also includes everything else needed to install a working pump.  Additional 5ft extensions are added to sequential models to increase the installed depth for deeper wells.


So, if your static water level is 53 ft, choose an AR 63 since it will reach down 63 ft.  An AR63 is the AR8 base kit plus 11 extensions  (11 X 5ft extensions =55ft  plus the 8ft of the base kit, 55ft +8ft=63ft).  

Watch our demo video here to see this incredible pump working on a bridge where nothing can be faked.  The new AR pump uses rods not the cable shown in the video.

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