The SJ Pump

If you have a well where the static water is between 100 and 200ft the SJ pump is for you.  Please note that the reduced piston size affects delivery but this is needed to pull water from really deep wells. The SJ will only deliver about 2 gpm max.

The SJ pump is a cable pump. Pulling up on the cable (up stroke) moves water up and Stainless Steel weights in the pumps produce the down stroke. Note we rely on gravity not springs for the down stroke.  The cable approach economically gets the pump way down to lift water from deeper wells.  The customer supplies the pipe to get down to the water and the cable is cut to length. 

Going deep involves a lot of what is called “head pressure”. The piston seal must able to physically capture the water and displace it mechanically against this pressure.  Rubber O-rings are what our competition uses but like windshield wipers they go bad over time.  One pump manufacturer even supplies its customers with a replacement seal kit when they buy it.  The SJ pump is performance tested against 100psi (excess of 200 ft) of simulated head pressure to ensure expected performance.

Every wetted part of this pump is either Stainless Steel, PVC or Teflon, so it is completely rust proof and will last for decades. Most people can install it in less than 2 hours.  A pump lever handle is standard for this pump since the pumping effort for deeper wells is high.  Additional materials (drop pipe, premix concrete, steel pipe) are purchased by the customer (see install pdf or video for details).
Watch our demo video here to see this pump lifting water 165ft from a bridge.

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