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Next shipping date all pumps 4/22/24

Use Promo code "BACKORDER" for free shipping ($61)

Shipping for AQUApoachers and pumplevers still good

2024 has been a hectic year so far, the summer of 2024 will be worse as yet another contested election for our country unfolds while in the background several key wars and china's aggressive posturing furthers the urgency of emergency preparation.  We appreciate you getting ahead of the panic buying that is sure to come in the very near future.

Unfortunately higher than expected early sales have exausted our supply of Stainless Steel pump rods.   Every pump uses these rods and thus we can not ship becuase we aint got no rods.  The manufacturer has scheduled them to ship in the second week of April so we expect them to land at our facility in the third week.  And we have placed another purchase right on the heels of the current order as everything indicates extremely high sales very soon

If you place your purchase online, expect shipping after April 22ish. We created the promo code "BACKORDER" to thank you for your patience.  This promo code gets you free shipping, a $61 value.  Purchases will be filled on a first come first served basis and we will continue to manufacture all other components and box customers orders as they are placed, but not sealed.  When the rods arrive, they will be cleaned, assembled and placed in the box, taped shut and shipped via UPS.  An email with the UPS tracking number will be sent when this happens.   

Thanks for your patience

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