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We are out of Pump Rods and can not ship any pump until early December!!!

Due to the Israeli Hamas conflict, panic buying has exausted our supply of Stainless Steel Pumps Rods.  Every pump we sell uses these rods thus we can no longer ship any pump until we get them.  These rods are made for us in large lots by a great company in Wisconsin,  The lead time for this part is 8 - 10 weeks.  Normally the  Autumn months signal sales tapering off and we timed our Purchase Order of this part with this in mind.  It is standard proceedure for us to run our inventory "fat" to accomodate any surge but this surge is exceptional and thus has exhausted our supply of this part.  We have contacted them and every effort to expedite the order has been made.  Best case scenario the parts will land at our facility December 1, 2023

We apologize for this but also mention we had tons of inventory this summer.  There is nothing we can do to further expedite the arrival of these rods.  We are actively making all other parts and boxing any order we get but not sealing the box.  When the rods come we will clean them, assemble them and put them in the box and ship the completed kit to the customer.



1.  You can still order your pump and use the promo code "panic2023" to get free shipping.  When shipping resumes in early December we will fill these orders first.


2.  Place your order in December.  If you no longer see the notice for shipping delay then we are actively shipping.  The promo code for free shipping will expire once the rods arrive

3  We are still shipping Aqua Poachers.  They do not use a rod and thus are still in production and actively shipping.  Click HERE for info.  The promo code does not apply to AquaPoachers.


Again we apologize for this shipping delay

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