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It is our opinion that only an easy to install, maintenance-free hand pump
that has been designed to outlast your well will provide the water security and
peace of mind that forward-thinking people are looking for. 
It took years, but we did exactly that. Here’s how we did it.

Materials: All the wetted parts of our pumps are 100% Stainless Steel, PVC or Teflon®.  The high grade PVC pipe we use is UV stabilized and has additives to make it extremely strong.  All our pumps are 100% rust proof.

Freezing: We have designed multiple freeze proof features into our pumps.  Our pumps are made in Montana, it gets cold up here, very cold, we got this. Watch the video of our pumps working at -45F.

Proof: We demonstrate all our pumps, via a video, on bridges, so you can have full confidence in our pumps.  We fill a one gallon milk jug, then show you the height in which we pumped it from.  We are the only ones publishing such videos, watch them by clicking on the AK or AR/SJ tabs.

The Piston Seal: This is perhaps the most important issue of all.  The weak link in every hand pump has always been how the moving parts are sealed.  It’s the difference between the illusion of water security and actual water security.  Every pump will work right away, our pumps were designed to outlive your well. If you are considering a pump from a manufacturer that does not emphasis their seals, ask yourself, “Why?”.  We have two strategies: a water sealed piston for our shallow well pumps and a Teflon® seal for deeper well pumps.

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