It is our opinion that only an easy to install, maintenance free, hand pump that has been designed to outlast your well will provide the water security and peace of mind that forward thinking people are looking for.  It took years, but we did exactly that. Here’s how we did it.

Materials: All the wetted parts of our pumps are 100% Stainless Steel or PVC.  The high grade PVC pipe we use is UV stabilized and has additives to make it extremely strong.  Our deep well pumps have an additional material in the way of an indestructible Teflon® piston and seal. All our pumps are 100% rust proof.

Freezing: We have designed multiple freeze proof features into our pumps.  Our pumps are made in Montana, it gets cold up here, very cold, we got this. Watch the video of our pumps working at -26F.

Proof: We demonstrate all our pumps, via a video, on bridges, so you can have full confidence in our pumps.  We fill a one gallon milk jug, then show you the height in which we pumped it from.  We are the only ones publishing such videos, watch them below.

The Piston Seal: This is perhaps the most important issue of all.  The weak link in every hand pump has always been how the moving parts are sealed.  It’s the difference between the illusion of water security and actual water security.  Every pump will work right away, our pumps were designed to outlive your well. If you are considering a pump from a manufacturer that does not emphasis their seals, ask yourself, “Why?”.  We have two strategies: a water sealed piston for our shallow well pumps and a Teflon® seal for deep well pumps.

AK Pump
The AK pump is our original pump, our run away best seller and arguably the best shallow well pump on the market.
We use the geometry and porting of the PVC piston to harness a property of water to create a water sealed piston that also doubles as a check valve.  We are the only ones crazy enough to try this and smart enough to realize that this is an amazingly effective strategy for shallow wells.  The AK pump has a water cooled, water lubricated and water sealed piston.  The properties of water will never change; thus, this piston will always work.  Watch the demo video below if you doubt.

The AK pump comes in 9 different kits. Every kit includes everything you need for installation (except tools), the only difference between them is how many 5ft drop pipes and pump rods are included in the kit.  Thus, the model numbers reflect the installation depth that is possible and should be static water plus 10 feet.

A Tee handle (included) is all that is needed to pump 5-6 gpm into a bucket. An optional lever handle is available to make pumping super easy. Pumping effort is just under 1lb per foot of lift.  The lever can be added any time after installation.

AR & SJ Pumps
The AR125 and SJ215 pumps share the same design but differ only in piston size and the length of Stainless Steel pump cable that is included.  When pumping from deep wells some sort of mechanical seal is needed to make a truly positive displacement pump.  Making both the piston and its cup seal out of a single piece of 100% Teflon, is how we achieve this.  This approach accomplished two things.

First is reliability.  Teflon is basically the slipperiest solid known to science, thus it will not seize under high head pressures found in deep wells.  It is also completely chemically inert, even powerful solvents and concentrated acids have zero effect on Teflon, certainly it will last forever in your well.

Second is affordability.  In order to use a fifty cent O-ring in a pump, one must use a very expensive honed and polished Stainless Steel cylinder and design a pump that can be disassembled for maintenance, so we don’t do that.  Our Teflon piston is considerably more expensive than an O-ring but it is very forgiving, in that a PVC cylinder can now be used, and since our piston needs no maintenance, we can simply glue the ends on.  So overall, we save our customers a ton of money and delivery a better pump.

Going deep is expensive, the weight and costs of pump rods gets prohibitive so we use a Stainless Steel cable which is about 20% the cost of rods.  The end user supplies ordinary ¾” schedule 40 PVC pipe (10ft lengths) for the drop pipe.  You buy only what you need and then cut the cable to length during installation.  An installation depth more than static plus 10 is very economical.

The reciprocating action of the pump is achieved by pulling up on the cable, (which is oversized so there is no stretch) and then Stainless Steel weights in the pump produce the downstroke.  We do not use springs to produce the downstroke because springs eventually fail, gravity will not. 
The pump lever is standard in these kits because of the depths involved.

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