We recommend that our website is navigated on a laptop or desk top computer for clarity

Our pump kits need to be matched to your specific well.  There is no one size fits all solution here, wells can vary greatly in depth and construction.  Our website has been set up so most can self navigate the process

Below are four main steps. We have a page on our website to address each step



  1. How far down is the water in my well?                         (GO TO STATIC)               

  2. Is my well compatible?                                                 (GO TO WHICH WELL)

  3. How hard will it be to pump?                                        (GO TO EFFORT)

  4. Which pump do I order?                                               (GO TO WHICH PUMP)

After the main questions are answered there are follow up questions most people have


  1. Can I install a pump myself?                                                                                   (Install)

  2. Can I hide my pump?                                                                                              (Stealth)

  3. Got something weird?                                                                                             (Weird Wells)

  4. Still lost?                                                                                                                  (Contact us)

You can always call or email the Pump Meister if you have questions, we are here to help. Email is best since the Pump Meister will almost always ask for photos of the well, physical address of the well and the well drillers report if you have it. We have all sorts of tricks up our sleeve. We will also recommend products from other manufacturers if we can not help with our products.