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Sandpoint Pumps (SP)

Many people put a pitcher pump on 1-1/4 sand point wells.  Please be advised that pitcher pumps use leather seals and “suck” from the top and thus require “priming” or wetting of the leather seals with water in order to work after prolonged periods of non use.  Pitcher pumps also have limited lift (20ft depending on altitude) and may freeze in extreme winter conditions and will require periodic replacement of the leather seals.  Our SP pumps are freeze proof and require no seal maintenance or replacement and can lift in excess of 40 ft static.

We at Apocalypse Well Pumps are currently developing a scaled down version of the AK pump that will fit inside 1-1/4 steel pipe found with most sandpoint wells.  Our SP pumps will deliver about 2 gpm.  This product will be formally introduced in 2021 with a how-to video and installation instructions and pricing.  If you are interested in beta testing, email us. 

The following video is from a 2020 beta test in Michigan

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