Model # SJ125


All wetted parts of SJ pump system are 100% PVC, stainless steel, or PTFE (Teflon®) construction.  PVC pipe and exposed fittings are full color, gloss finished, UV stabilized, impact enhanced PVC. Recommended for wells with static water between 100-200ft, maximum installation depth is 214ft. Additional materials, purchased locally, are needed to install this pump. 

Kit includes:

1-4ft maintenance free pump with 1” Teflon® piston, 3gpm@100ft

1-1/2”x36” stainless steel piston rod extension

1-freeze proof wellhead with ¾ FPT threads & internally baffled surge chamber

1pair dual position (slot/closed) surge chamber caps

1-spigot with ¾ FPT threads

125ft 5/32” stainless steel cable with stainless steel ¼-20 compression stud end fitting

2-stainless steel wire rope clamps

1-pump lever handle

1-5ft blue drop pipe with wellhead adapter & FPT adapter

225ft polypropylene safety rope

1-stainless steel u-bolt with mounting plate & nuts

1-stainless steel eyebolt with nut

1-well cap sealing, rubber grommet

1-wonderblock for installation

1-.02oz Loctite 242® single use capsule

Online installation video

Online installation pdf

Lifetime guarantee


Additional materials needed (purchase locally)

¾ x 10ft schedule 40 PVC pipe (enough for static plus 10)

¾ MPT x slip & ¾ FPT x slip threaded adapters

¾ x 60+- galvanized steel pipe (site specific)

60-120lbs premix concrete (site specific)


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