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Sand point wells, hand dug wells and some other unusual wells may require some special attention when it comes to the overall length of the pump kit.  Specifically the standard 5ft increments (13ft, 18ft, 23ft, etc.) are not going to work, here is how to adjust the overall length of our kits in 1 ft increments using two ft extensions.  Example

An AK18 can be extended 2 ft with one, 2ft extension making it an AK20


That same AK 18 can be extended 4 ft with two, 2ft extensions making it an AK22

Start with an AK13 and add three, 2ft extensions and it becomes an AK19

Add four, 2ft extensions to the AK13 and it becomes an AK21

So we can have a pump kit that is 18ft, 19ft, 20ft, 21ft, 22ft long depending on various combinations of 5ft and 2ft extensions.  

This strategy can be used at other legths also, the above is just one of many examples.  These 2ft extensions should be added just prior to the final Blue uppermost drop pipe

Additional fine tuning can be achieved with our Cistern Handle where the length can be adjusted to sub fractional inch specifications.  Generally if you are considering this you are talking with us because you have a very weird well

3/4" X 2FT


1/2" X 2FT


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