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8615 Dry Creek Rd

Belgrade MT  59714



406 451 3770


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Need more help?


No worries, the details of wells can be overwhelming to some folks, we get this. For about 90% of our customers we correspond via email or phone many times to work through these details.  Don’t sweat this, we are happy to help. If you want us to help you, simply call us and we will start a file for you, but we are almost always going to ask you for:
- A physical address (so we can look up your well on the internet) or a scan or photo of your well drillers report
- A photo of your well (text to 406 451 3770 or email)
- How you heard about us

Once we have this information, we can walk you through the details of which pump is best for you. If we cannot offer you a solution, we will recommend a competitor’s product to help you.


We designed our pumps to be a very easy do it yourself (DIY) installation.  We understand that for some folks this can be a stretch.  Again, no worries, in some states we have trained installation techs that we can do the installation for you (additional fees will apply).

If we do not have factory trained techs in your state, we have a fast-motion installation video that you can show a local handyman or friend, that shows the entire installation in 2 minutes. Almost everyone that is handy with tools will respond that this will be “no problem”.  They can then view the detailed “How to” videos or print the pdf instructions to get this done. If the handyman has any questions we will answer any questions they might have.

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