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Well Seals


Well seals have a thick rubber layer sandwiched between two steel plates that are compressed by 4 bolts.  When the bolts are tightened the rubber expands outwardly and creates a seal against the inside of the well casing. 


DO NOT REMOVE THE 4 BOLTS.  Only loosen them and tap them down to decompress the rubber.  If you remove the bolts the bottom plates will fall into the well

There can be many hole configurations in the well seal to allow different size pipes, wire and breathers to penetrate the seal

There are three basic options for well seals

1.  If the well is relatively shallow and the home owner can loosen the well seal and pick up the submersible pump and pipe (directly or with block and tackle etc) then the pump can be installed when needed by breaking the seal, lifting the seal slightly and resting it on the edge of the well casing.  This creates a gap and a clear path to the water where the pump can be installed on a as needed basis.  Also see our STEALTH BLOCK

2. If the objective is to have the emergency pump ready to pump, then the top of the well needs to be reworked.  An above grade, slide style, pitless adapter needs to be installed and the drop pipe to the submersible pump needs to be transferred from the well seal to the pitless adapter.  The pitless adapter moves the drop pipe to the electric pump to one side of the casing and creates a gap on the inside the well on the opposite side.  This gap allows our pump to be installed and an ordinary, non weight bearing well cap to be used on the top of the well.  This is an involved project and may require the services of a well maintenance contractor.  Many such wells use 4 inch casing.  This will require that the old casing be cut at or below grade and then "sleeved" with a 6 inch casing to accomodate the pitless Adapter and to create the necessary gap.  To watch the video on reworking your well by adding a Pitless Adapter click HERE


Additional plumbing and wiring outside the well will have to be done also.


If your submersible pump is older than 10 years it might be wise to install a new electric pump while reworking the well

3. A third option that some people elect is to drill a new well.  Since you know the depth to the water and you don't need a pump, pressure tank, trenching and all that stuff.  A local well driller should be able to give you an accurate quote that may not be as expensive as you think.  Quotes are free so it is probably worth the call. Be clear about what your intention is so that there are no misunderstandings.

Slide Style Pitless Adapter

Note; Top pipe is temporary and only used to lift or place O-ring part of adapter. It is then unscrewed and removed

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