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The AquaPoacher (AP50) is an emergency well bucket that is perfect as a bug out tool.



  • It is constructed entirely out of PVC and Stainless Steel for rust proof performance and indefinite service life.  It’s light weight (3lbs), break down design (32”), makes it very portable.  Assembly and disassembly are easily accomplished in seconds, without any tools. The stealth color scheme is perfect for situations where night use might be needed in unsecure circumstances.    


    Most wells are crowded with pipes, pitless adapters, wires etc. The AP50 out-performs competitive products in this environment because of its, stand out, industry leading, snag resistant design.  It’s small diameter, invisible seam, streamline body, and rounded ends allows it to slip past almost all obstacles found in modern wells.  Each lift produces 1/3 of a gallon.  The top is designed to deflect rust and debris during retrieval and has a self-cleaning feature if needed.


    It is best employed in shallow wells where the user can visually guide the poacher down to the water.  50ft of black paracord is included, but additional depth may be obtained by adding cordage. It is an excellent option for well owners on tight budgets.

  • One AquaPoacher with 50ft of Black, 550 Paracord 

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