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Designed for in ground cisterns.  Adjustable length to exactly match your application.

Scroll down for more info.  Enter length for final price.  This product is only availible to beta testers, please email to participate in testing.


  • This is a complete pump kit, no additional materials are needed. Kit includes;


    State of the art Pump with UV stabilized PVC Pumphead, Spigot (w discharge pipe threads) and adjustable AluminumTee Handle.


    All the 5ft PVC Drop Pipes (w preglued threaded adapters), Stainless Steel Pump Rods (w SS hardware) and polypro safety rope needed for the depth selected.


    One Uppermost Blue Drop Pipe and Pumphead Adapter (unglued) that can be cut to length to reduce the over all length by up to 3ft. One 2ft extension that can add up to 2 ft to the overall length


    Also included; Wonder Block (notched wooden block for installation), SS U-Bolt, SS Eyebolt, Rubber Grommet, Drop Pipe Handle, Pumphead Plug, Spigot Plug, 3/4 Tube Adapter. 


    Online video and printable pdf installation instructions.

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