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Specifically designed for both 1-1/4 and 2 inch sandpoint wells.  Superior to a pitcher pump  because it will not freeze, does not need to be primed and has no leathers.

Scroll down for more info.  Enter length for final price. 


  • This is a scaled down AK pump with a water sealed piston. Pumps up to 2gpm.


    The pump kit also has an adjustable length feature via the Aluminum, set screw handle.  UP to 3 feet can be cut off the uppermost  drop pipe to reduce the length of the installed pump.  In other words an SP18 can have an installed length from 15 to 18 ft.


    Includes all parts needed to pump water, no additional materials needed, except PVC primer and glue.  Uppermost drop pipe is shipped without the top male adapter,  This pipe is cut to length (if needed) then glued into bottom of 1-1/4 inch threaded cap.  Pumphead is screwed onto cap, excess pump rod is cut off after set screw in handle engages rod.  See pdf instructions for details.


    Note that drop pipes for these pump kits are 1/2" PVC not 3/4" PVC.


    2" sand point wells will require the customer to obtain a 2 X 1-1/4 bell reducing coupler and 1-1/4" nipple so the included 1-1/4" cap can be used.

  • This is a complete pump kit, no additional materials are needed. Kit includes;


    State of the art Pump,  UV stabilized PVC Pumphead, Spigot (w discharge pipe threads) and Set Screw Adjustable AluminumTee Handle.


    1-1/4 inch Threaded Sand Point Cap with Anti Rotation Set Screw, Pumphead Adapter and 1/2 X 3/4 Reducing Coupler


    All the 1/2 inch 5ft PVC Drop Pipes (w preglued threaded adapters), Stainless Steel Pump Rods (w SS hardware)  for the depth selected. One Uppermost Drop Pipe does not have an adapter and is cut to length.


    Also included; Pumphead Plug, Spigot Plug, 3/4 Tube Adapter and 1/8 inch Hex Key for set screws 


    Online video and printable pdf installation instructions.

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