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The Stealth Block allows an assembled pump to be hidden inside the well or enables rapid installation following an emergency


  • The Stealth Block is CNC machined out of heavy duty, aircraft grade, aluminum channel and tumble deburred to remove sharp edges.  It can be used in two different ways. In both cases the uppermost drop pipe is U-bolted to the Stealth Block and then the Stealth Block is C-clamped to the well casing.

    The rapid installation approach allows the pump to be installed when needed.  Ideal for renters, or in areas with super hard water.  Folks can also use it to make the pump portable, and get water out of a nearby well in a park, golf course, bug out location or a neighbor.  There may likewise be other situations where, an installation when needed method, is the way to go, such as a well casings that has little or no height above grade.

    The full stealth mode allows an assemble pump to be hidden inside the well.  The pump can be readied to deliver water in only a few minutes during emergencies.  Execution of this operation under the cover of darkness will keep neighbors completely clueless.

    We have two videos to demonstrate each method of using the Stealth Block.

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