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There is only so much horse power that a human can generate to pump water, so as we go deeper it becomes a mathematical necessity to trade volume for height.  This is achieved by using a smaller piston for deeper models.  An AK piston is 1.5 ", an AR piston is 1.25" and our deepest pump the SJ uses a 1" piston.  Max delivery in gpm is 6, 4 and 2 repectively.

The table below shows the weight of the water based on which pump model is being considered and the SWL.  The effort starts at the water level not the installation depth.  So if the SWL is 28ft the effort of pumping an AK38 is the same as pumping an AK48 both are 24lbs.  

Effort can be decreased by purchasing the optional pump lever.  This will give the user a 3:1 mechanical advantage, reducing the AK's 24lbs needed to lift water 28ft to just 8 lbs.  In most cases this is the best way to reduce pumping effort, as the gpms is not reduced. View Pump Lever details LEVER


A smaller pump can also be used if the well is in a confined space that can not accomodate a lever.  To lift 28ft an AR pump only requires 18lbs an a SJ pump only 10.  Keep in mind with this approach that the amount of water delivered is reduced

The physical capabilities of the pumper, household size etc are things to consider.  If in doubt just order the pump with the standard Tee handle and see how much effort is needed.  The lever can be easily added anytime after installation. The blue handle can be extended or cut down.

weight of water table
Pump Lever in use.

Optional Pump Lever for all models

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