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Hand dug wells come in every imaginable shape and form.  Generally they are very shallow so our AK pumps are a perfect match.  Some on site enginnering by the customer will be required to install our pumps. 


Some people glue together enough 4 or 6 inch PVC pipe to reach the bottom and to extend atleast 2ft above grade. Small horizontal saw slits at the bottom of the pipe facilitate water flow into the casing. They lower it into the well,  push it as far down as it will go, then back fill the open hole with sand or gravel. Seal the top of the hole with a few bags of Bentonite clay or concrete, making sure the ground around the well is not a low point for surface water to accumulate and trickle down into your hole. After everything is settled then do the final pipe cut 2ft above grade


Installation is normal after that.  This is often the approach to fix a large gaping hole on your property that is a liability issue.

For large diameter (24") concrete pipe wells at or below grade, treated plywood or concrete covers can also be constructed and the well is installed through a hole.  A box is fastened over the hole to seal and hold the pump in place. If the concrete casing extends above grade, a large U-bolt can be made using 1/4-20 threaded rod (hardware store) and two holes drilled through the casing.

If the normal 5 ft increments are not going to work go to this page to adjust the length in smaller increments

  2 ft Extensions 

HAND DUG 2.jpeg

Our pump installed over 24 inch concrete well.  Round cover was purchased online and the white box constructed by customer.  This is a work of art in my opinion.

Well from colonial times 1793

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