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What is a Sand Point Well?

Sandpoint wells are a do-it-yourself well project.  A sandpoint is purchased and driven into the soil via a post pounder, sledge or jack hammer and the addition of 1-1/4 OR 2 INCHsteel pipe, typically in 5 ft sections until water is encountered. Additional depth is encouraged for positive free flowing water into the well.  Googling and YouTubing “sand point wells” is encouraged for more information.  The sandpoint has a hardened point and holes drilled in the body to allow water to enter.  An internal screen keeps grit out of the water supply.

A sandpoint well is often a suggested option for people who have a well that is not compatible with our current installation procedure.  Please be advised that sandpoint wells work in areas that have shallow water tables and do not have rocky soil.  Driving a second well can often be the solution for people seeking water security. 

iIf the normal 5 ft increments are not going to work go to this page to adjust the length in smaller increments   2 ft Extensions 

Here is a customer supplied video on the installation of our Sand Point Pump.  Note he is replacing a pitcher pump that froze in the winter.  Video says "coming soon" but it is available right now

Customer was happy with his maintenance free, freeze proof SP pump and made this video for us.  He just installed it so the water is a bit cloudy.  The pump is in Wisconsin.

Static water was 32 ft in this well and the intake screen was used so flow is about 85% of what we would expect from a shallow well without the intake screen

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