The First Question to Ask is "Do you own a well?"

No – I own a cistern, go to “CP” Tab
No –I am bugging out, go to “AP” tab
Yes – See "Well Owners" Below
Yes – But I need help, go to “Help” tab

Well Owner Steps
1. Determine the static water level of your well (see below graphic or click on “Static 101” video”
2. Select one of our three pump models based on the static water level of your well.
3. Check compatibility of your well
4. Install your hand-operated emergency well pump.
Static Water Level
This is the real starting point for well owners.  The static water level is not the total depth of your well, rather it is the vertical distance from the top of the well casing to the top of the water inside your well.  Check out the drawing below and check out your well drillers report or measure it.
Basically, how far down is your water?  Your electric pump is near the bottom of your well but a Hand Operated Emergency Well Pump only needs to be about 10 feet below the surface of the water in your well. If you know your static water level, proceed to the “WHICH PUMP” tab.  If not, watch the instructional video “Static 101”

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