Which Pump?


Apocalypse Well Pumps refuses to offer a one-size-fits-all solution, so we offer three different pump models for shallow (AK), medium (AR), and deep (SJ) wells.  There are two solid reasons for this:
First, one has to trade volume for height, this is a mathematical necessity.  Our shallow pumps can move a lot of water (5-6gpm) because of a short lift, but as depth increases, a smaller piston is needed to reduce the effort.  A smaller piston delivers less water (E.G. 100ft=3.5 gpm, 200ft 1.5 gpm). 

Second, deep wells are often constructed differently than shallow wells.  Deeper wells often transition to a 4” casing. This makes for a tight fit, a pump that is long and narrow is the only solution.  Our SJ deep pumps are designed for this. 
The best pump model for static water levels are listed below. After you determine what the best pump is for your well, click on either the AK tab or the AR/SJ tab to learn more.

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