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Which Pump?

Our pump kits consists of three parts;

The universal pumphead with Tee Handle (top)

A 3ft long pump (bottom) (three pump options)

Multiple 5ft extensions (middle). Each extension consist of a 5ft Stainless Steel threaded Pump Rod and a 5ft PVC Drop Pipe with threaded ends.  Everything justs screws together during installation.

The Static Water Levels (SWL) dictates which pump is right for your well. Water is heavy and one has to trade volume for height, this is a mathematical reality.  Our shallow 1.50" AK pumps can move a lot of water (5-6gpm) because of a short lift, but as depth increases, a smaller piston is needed to reduce the effort.  A smaller piston delivers less water (E.G. 100ft=4 gpm, 150ft 2 gpm).  

Shallow (AK 1.50 inch piston SWL     0-40ft)

Medium (AR 1.25 inch piston SWL  40-100ft)

Deep     (SJ  1.00 inch piston SWL100-150ft)

For most wells the best pump is listed below in black.  
But if you have a well that has a CLEARANCE issue (pitless or casing change) or if you want to reduce the EFFORT needed to pump the water without adding the pump lever, you can order a smaller pump (red).

For most wells a pump kit that is 10ft longer than the Static Water Level works fine.  Many people elect to go deeper to guard against water table drops during drought years.  The number in all our pump models indicate how long the kit is when it is assembled.  An AK38 is 38 feet long when installed.  Note the effort required always is dictated by the SWL not the installation depth. Enter the length of the pump kit when ordering.

For most wells with a submersible pump drilled after 1990, in a casing 6" or larger, this chart works for selecting the correct pump.  If your well is different then click on "Weird Wells" tab.

*Piston Area x SWL

**Additional Material Required +$50-$75

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