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Which Pump?

Our pump kits consists of three parts;


The Top of all our pumps have our universal Pumphead with Tee Handle 


The Middle consists of standard 5ft Extensions that connect the Tee Handle at the top, to the Pump at the bottom.  Each extension consist of a 5ft Stainless Steel threaded Pump Rod inside a 5ft PVC Drop Pipe with threaded ends.  The question is simply how many of these are needed for the planned installation length.  


At the Bottom is one of three pumps  (3ft long)


Shallow (AK 1.50 inch piston, 6 gpm, SWL       0-40ft)

Medium (AR 1.25 inch piston, 4 gpm, SWL   40-100ft)

Deep     (SJ  1.00 inch piston, 2 gpm, SWL 100-150ft)

Our shallow 1.50" AK pumps can move a lot of water (5-6gpm) because of a short lift, but as depth increases, a smaller piston is needed to reduce the effort.  A smaller piston delivers less water (E.G. 100ft=4 gpm, 150ft 2 gpm).  

The depth to water in your well, aka Static Water Levels (SWL), dictates:


The length of the pump kit (min=SWL + 10ft)

Which pump is best for lifting the water from your depth. 

How hard will it be to pump (go to EFFORT TABLE)

In the table, find your SWL (ft) in the left column and read right, the pump kit listed in black is probably your best bet. 
Many people elect to go deeper to guard against water table drops during drought years.  Note the effort required is always dictated by the SWL not the installation depth. Go to our Store page, select which pump (AK,AR,SJ) then enter the length of the pump kit for price and then add to cart.  But first check to see if your well construction is compatable by going to Which Well

In the table the two letters (AK, AR, SJ) identifies the included pump and the number indicates the total installed length of the kit.  For example, an AK38 is 38 feet long when installed. (7 x 5ft extensions plus 3ft for pump length = 38ft total).  Perfect for a shallow well with a SWL of 28ft.

The models in red are for folks who have to solve a clearance issue or want to reduce pumping effort by selecting a smaller pump instead of adding the optional pump lever (enclosed spaces).  If in doubt shoot us an email or call.

To watch our cool pump demo videos on bridges click one of the links below.


For most wells this chart works for selecting the correct pump.  If your well looks like this installation will be a breeze, if it doesn't goto WIERD WELLS


*Piston Area x SWL

**Additional Material Required +$50-$75

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